Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Anthony Vukojevich repulps Thrilling Detective; October 1930's

               Original cover by Norman Saunders. Anthony Vukojevich's site is here.


  1. Thanks, Jimmy. I love Norm Saunders work. I will vouch for the new book on him....it's beautiful stuff. He's second to me after Ward in the pantheon of Pulp masters.

  2. Very cool, Anthony. A classmate of mine in graduate school did a research paper on Norman Saunders. It turned out that one of his daughters lived in the same town as our university. I accompanied her to her interview with Saunders' daughter. It was really cool. She showed us a video interview the family did with him before he died and some Wacky Packages proof sheets.

  3. I like the distressed effect, Anthony. Nicely rendered.